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Easily Search & Find Your Next Home.

Select language, currency, size units

Enter or zoom to the area you want to search in.

Draw any shape on the map, multiple clicks/points or hold to draw.

Search for sale, rent, short term, shared offices, land and more.

Enter price, price per meeter, feet or acre, and more.

Include & exclude properties with photos, pets, agent fees and more.
Click filter once to include=✅ and twice to exclude=❌

Smart Notifications based on your exact search when clicking this bell 🔔



Search Filters

Click the search icon on top and choose your location, filter by price, size, number of rooms and more.
 Dates, search between dates  (see whats available this month). Enter whats most important and click search. 

Search by min and max:

  • Price
  • Size
  • Price per meter, feet, acer, hectare
  • Date of entry
  • Rooms
  • Bathrooms


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  • Apartment
  • Commercial properties



  • Penthouse
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Draw On Map

Use the “Free Draw” feature and mark your search zone.
Click on map to create an outline of your desired search area. Once there is a shape, all the listings will appear within your zone.
Clicking  will clear the drawing of your search area, but will not reset the search filters. In order to restore  the filters to their default settings, click the “reset” button  under search or all listings under menu.



Turn On Notifications

After clicking you will get new listings alerts. Click Notifications  to see all your new possible matches. Click on the heart icon if its a match and click remove  it if its not! Go to “saved searches” to edit or stop the notifications.

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