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Investing in real estate?

Whether you’re looking for a short or long term investment opportunities our search features will help make sure you find the best deals.


Optimize & Simplify Search

When you first see all the properties in your location, it might be overwhelming. Finding a good investment depends on how well you narrow down your search.  In order to sift through hundreds of properties quickly and efficiently, optimizing your search is an absolute must.

To best narrow down your search further, use every feature and function available. A good first step is to accurately draw your search area.  Afterward,  nothing will show up outside your area of interest. Once you have done that, apply all filters. Mark ONLY the areas you would realistically be willing to consider; it will keep the results pertinent and save you valuable time and resources.

Locate Investment Deals & Opportunities

Every beginner knows that a good deal is one in which you buy cheap and sell at a profit. comes in handy during the search by efficiently compiling information about properties and presenting it in a way that easily allows you to identify if a listing is at, above, or below market value.  

Price Per & Min Max

If you’re looking for an investment, the price to size ratio is the most reliable, indicator of a property’s value. In addition, it is a good way of calculating your potential return from the investment. Finding  a good investment on Doorzz begins by learning the market value (per square meter/square foot) and seeing what your financial limits are. You can find the average value by looking at the properties and by entering min/max price per size under filters. Be as specific as possible in your search area definition. A regional market value might be lower on average than that of a specific city, or even neighborhood. Once you know the market price, you can now set a maximum price per meter or sqf  of the property you are looking for inside your search. Using your budget calculate the max size of the property that you want to buy (depending on price per unit). Type these into the “Min price” and “Max size” boxes respectively. This will ensure that the results show you only properties that are at, or below, market value. Once you have the results, use Doorzz to view and compare listings. DON’T FORGET! Click “Save” when you are done (even if there are no listings below market value at the moment).  This will ensure that you will be notified of new properties immediately after they are posted. This will also give you a competitive edge by allowing you to have instant notifications on any property matching your saved search. Save and we will find your dream investment ASAP!  

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