Real Estate For The People K.I.S.S


Making the process simple worldwide!


Have you ever looked for property (Real Estate & Rentals) and felt that you’re drowning in a sea of unnecessary or irrelevant information? Scrolling and Scrolling Forever?

We’re here to make the real estate experience super easy!

Doorzz “smart notifications” will save people time and money when looking for a home online. 

Users can sit back, relax and get the most relevant properties (based on saved search area’s and filters) sent to their phone or computer for free. Free users can save up to 5 areas and can choose different parameters for each area. Pro users have unlimited access, will be first to receive notifications and can create unlimited custom lists to forward their clients.

Because we aggregate from multiple websites and give our users a very specific “search save feature”, our users save lots of time and don’t miss out on properties they want to see on their search. Imagine going to each site and searching every day and or setting up email notifications which unless have a very detailed search area will probably send you many properties that don’t match your search. Now imagine doing that in just one click…

Our goal is to make real-estate easily accessible to anyone, anywhere. Everyone from the United States to Japan could see everything in their native language. From the platform to the search results-everything can be found in all major languages, currencies and measurements (Sqf, Sqm and more). By doing this, we make sure that is truly the locals global real-estate marketplace.


At Doorzz we believe that we’re simply people helping people and just happen to come from the real-estate world. We are happy to be of service, and are continuously improving our platform always in all ways!